Tales from a factory

The old songs of the Guachichils (indigenous people) are still felt amongst these southern mountain ranges of the great Chichimeca area; they even move with the wind, at their own pace. They rise with the sun from the potosino highlands up to the clear blue sky. They contemplate the landscapes between the yellow Mezquites and the Joshua trees with white flowers. They stop when they pass between the leaves of the ripe magueys. They realize something, they found some OATHS and, like these songs to the gods, they remain present and share eternity in this world.

...the oaths to maguey, time and eternity ...

What will we do?

We will leave the capital of San Luis Potosí at 09:30 am to escape urban environment and enter the mountains of the Potosí highlands. The road will give us the opportunity to dive into the historical and cultural context of this region where the sun shines onto the patient agaves waiting to be harvested.

Our first stop is El Jardín, a high plateau in the heart of the Potosi desert where we will explore the environment in which the magueyes grow. We will discover the plant, which according to the chronicles of Father José Acosta in 1586, is the tree of a thousand wonders for its variety of uses and applications.

We will continue along the potosino mezcal route arriving at the distillery at Estación Ipiña, a community located in the municipality of Ahualulco del Sonido Trece; where Julián Carrillo came from. This is a project with a lot of soul that rescued the factory and modernized it to fulfill its oaths; preparing the best mezcal in the region, certified and worthy of export.

One of its brands: Júrame, is produced and packaged in the legendary mezcalería La Flor, proudly potosina. At the turn of more than a century of history, with this mezcal we affirm bonds of work, cooperation and trust with a community that has seen the coming and going of hope. But, like the good maguey, here we continue to honor the tradition and miracle of mezcal.

We will get to know the processes of how to make maguey wine and have a tasting to discover the hidden tones of this spirit; we will learn to make simple and delicious cocktails to finish off with a meal prepared by the women of Estacion Ipiña. After dessert, photos, and explorating its corners and getting to know its legend; we will begin our return to the capital city to arrive around 5:30 p.m.


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