Ancestral Mezcal : Inclusive Tourism

We will discover mezcal with an experience that will titillate all our senses! Just by making some minor adjustments to the mezcal routes, we can have activities for everyone. The idea is simple: a person's limitations become disabled only as a result of the person's interaction with an environment that does not provide adequate support to reduce their functional limitations. Autentico San Luis invites you to reassess the tradition of potosino mezcal and have the opportunity to reflect on the rights of people with disabilities.

What will we do?

We will leave San Luis Potosí at 10:00 a.m. where 60 minutes from the capital city, a famous hacienda from the colonial era is still preserved. Our destination invites you to discover the exteriors of the impressive Hacienda de Bocas. Very close to the Hacienda, Mezcal Patatús is a project that rejuvenated the ancestral way of doing mezcal.

We will begin the sensory tour of the mezcal routes from its first step. We will visit the agave plantations inside the property, surrounded by those fences of desert organs. We will talk about the plant, how the spirit is made and its many other uses in the desert communities.

We will go through their ancestral volcanic stone ovens, where pineapples are cooked for days to get their brown color and sweet taste. It is time to start grinding, a large stone tahona is driven to grind cooked agaves in its path. Do you hear the crushing? The stone is big and rough. 

The pulp and liquid are transferred to the fermentation pools, bubbling and odors are due to the biochemical process. The fermented product is ready to be distilled, we will get to know the ancestral and artisanal way to extract the spirit of this Mexican drink. We will properly taste the mezcal with a blind tasting.

Currently, mezcal has been proclaimed as a fashionable drink thanks to its great tradition and roots in Mexican society. The preparation of drinks has reached the world of mezcal to find more followers thanks to its versatility and flavor. The preparation of 2 simple cocktails will be demonstrated so that the assistant can adopt and learn to make them for friends and gatherings.

Our hosts have a very special place with all the facilities and amenities we are used to. They will surprise us with a gastronomic sample from the Potosino plateau, on this occasion, a barbeque cooked in leaves of Agave.

A memorable afternoon among friends, or more than friends, those who are already family. After a little dessert, it is time to return to the city to end the day. 


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