Derramaderos Experience

Honey Water,Pulque and Mezcal

Do you think you're a wise mezcalero? Learn about the complete experience of Salmian agave in a route of Honey Water, pulque, mezcal and cocktails. It will be a culinary adventure that will culminate in the gardens and corridors of a hacienda rescued with a mezcal project that invites you to preserve our traditions.

What wil we do?

We will leave San Luis Potosí at 10:00 am where our first stop will be the ma- gueyeras of Derramaderos, a community near the periphery of the capital city. We will visit David and his mother Eufemia, who will take us to collect mead and demonstrate the elaboration of pulque, a pre-Hispanic drink. It is time to get back to the vehicle to reach the city limits and meet a mezcal hacienda of great tradition. Hacienda Santa María de Guadalupe del Peñasco, in addition to its pa- tios, gardens and corridors; it has an artisanal mezcalera where we will get to know the processes for the elaboration of this very Mexican drink, in addition to learning and mingling with cocktails. After eating some delicious gorditas we can take advantage of discovering the interiors of the hacienda, we will return to the capital city around 5:00 p.m.


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