Grand Tradition Mezcal Potosino

In recent years, the mezcal market and product have undergone a significant transformation. From its origins, the potosina ranches had integrated mezcal projects and created an identity in the region.

The railroad and the beginnings of the industrial revolution took them to the pinnacle. In its decline, popular tradition hid it among its taverns and reduced productions. The fall in reputation, prices and production followed; where some communities were even persecuted for their "illegal" production.

... the reunion with mezcal ...

Lately, things have changed favorably in these current and even globalized markets. The international popularity of tequila in the 90s opened a door to begin the reunion of mezcal with people's palates, acquiring a significant preference in recent years.

Pride of the Altiplano Potosino

In this way, the market changed again, and many consolidated entrepreneurs began to see better days, with greater movement in their factories and better prices at the door.

Also, many entrepreneurs found an opportunity to market it on a larger scale; for others the motivation to invest their time and resources was all in the adventure of opening new projects around the production and promotion of this Mexican drink. In particular, it prevented some from migrating due to lack of economic opportunities to continue the tradition of their land and family.

Mezcal Routes of SLP

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Hacienda Peñasco

Artisanal Mezcal & Cocktails

In those times of colonization, Peñasco was one of the first Haciendas that exploited the benefit of livestock and agriculture. Today only the old town of the hacienda survives, where a project rescued, reconditioned, and integrated the elaboration of Artisanal Mezcal; seeking to safeguard and promote the most fragile traditions in the region. Enter history and prepare your palate to discover the unique tones of Mezcal Peñasco!

Photo: Ricardo Irak

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Ancestral Mezcal

Campanilla Mezcal: Palmar Segundo, Mexquitic.

Did you know that mezcal has a denomination of origin? In San Luis Potosí we have a grand tradition for the elaboration of this standard drink of our national identity. We will visit the communities that preserve this tradition and get to know the rural surroundings near the capital city.

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Experiencia Ipiña

Juramentos: Tales of a factory.

The mezcal potosino variety opens the doors of ancestral, artisanal and industrialized productions. We will visit the taverns where the tradition of the technique of the Campanilla mezcal is protected and we will have direct access to a factory that implements processes with modern technology to create a mezcal certified by the Mexican Council for the Regulation of the Quality of the Mezcal, worthy of export.

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Mezcal Laguna Seca

Desert Water 

Like all Mexican Haciendas, Laguna Seca was a center of work, culture and evangelization. The "mezcal spirit" factory stands out within the Hacienda's exterior, characterized by the architecture of its exterior and its own elements such as the large vaults that cover the fermentation piles, mills, stills and ovens to cook the maguey, built of stone.

The history of the Laguna Seca estate is enhanced with a wealth of traditions and legends. Today, the fabled Mezcal Laguna Seca is the heart and neuralgic point of the Potosino Highlands.

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Pulque, Artisanal Mezcal & Cocktails

Do you think you are a wise mezcalero? Get to know the full experience of Agave Salmiana on a route of honey water, pulque, mezcal and cocktails. It will be a culinary adventure that will culminate in the gardens and corridors of a rescued Hacienda with a mezcalero project that invites to preserve our traditions.

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Mezcal Patatús

Ancestral Mezcal & Ranch Leisure

Near the old and monumental estate of Bocas, there is a modern Mezcal destillery. Mezcal Patatús has dedicated itself to the task of rejuvenating the ancestral mezcal and promoting the traditions of the Potosino Plateau with very exclusive facilities. Treat yourself with this high-end gastronomic experience.

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