Ancestral Drinks

Discover prehispanic pulque and ancestral mezcal; agave drinks and the sun of the Guachichil desert.

Did you know that pulque and mezcal come from the same plant?In San Luis Potosí we have a grand tradition for the elaboration of these drinks that are a standard representation of our national identity. We will visit the communities that preserve this tradition and we will get to know the rural surroundings in the vicinity of the capital city.

What will we do?

we will enter the mountains where the first Spanish settlement was established in the state, San Miguel de Mexquitic. We will visit a community where Angel, Daniel, Manuel, Maria de la Luz and their families invite us to visit their vinata, or mezcal patio. During the tour, we will get to know the processes for the preparation and elaboration of mezcal using the campanilla, an ANCESTRAL technique that uses clay pots for its distillation, giving the drink an amazing flavor that sets it apart from anything you have ever tried before.

It is time to get back into the vehicle to where we will continue along the route of the potosino mezcal. Very close from the main highway, the little community of Derramaderos is located near the periphery of Mexquitic town. We will visit David and his mother Eufemia, better known as La Jefa del Pulque. They will take us to collect agave mead and, back at their home, demonstrate the elaboration of pulque, a fermented pre-Hispanic drink. We will take some time to enjoy a refreshing beverage in this beautiful garden of our host’s house; a space that invite us to never leave.


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