Food Tour: San Luis Potosí City

Discover the original flavors of SLP gastronomy in a morning between breakfasts, distilleries and the most popular market in the capital city.

Authentic travelers and professional eaters will not be able to deny it. What better than discovering the city through its flavors? What better than an adventure outside the conventional and touristy, if not within the vibrant heart of culture and identity of the city? Let's explore the less touristic places, but the most popular ones where the locals live their day to day. Let's discover “fondas”, city corners and secret but delicious places.

✪✪ THE TRUE ✪✪
✰⋆✰ ¡ CORN ! ✰⋆✰

Huasteca Gastronomy

Start your day with breakfast like the champions! A tribute to corn and salsa with a sample of the variety of Huasteco dishes, the most representative.
Bocoles, tamales, tacos, sopes, enchiladas all combined with sauce, cheese and beef.

El Gran Tunal Distillery

Discover the spirits of the potosino desert in a secret distillery in the middle of the city; with a lot of style, originality and an air of clandestine alchemy.
Our inspiration: the great diversity of ancestral corn; proud Mexican identity.

The real market of the citizens of SLP: "El República"

Let's discover the most authentic cultural expressions among its corridors and stalls selling fruit, food, products and handicrafts with great tradition. The best of the Mercado República: its people and happiness.

What We Will Do?

Let's have a sample of pre-Hispanic flavors for breakfast. In the middle of the city, a railway line runs along an avenue. There, on Sundays, the most representative flea market of the capital city of SLP is installed: the rebound or better known as "las vías".

We will try a sample of the original flavors of the Huasteca Potosina region. Of Mesoamerican origin, the main guest is corn in a great versatility of forms. Bocoles, tamales, tacos, sopes, enchiladas all combined with sauce, cheese and meat. A breakfast of champions: coarse and nutritious.

After breakfast it is time to visit a clandestine distillery. El Gran Tunal is an alchemy project for spirits from the potosino desert. Go hand in hand with Tomás and Francisco, our hosts. Two unique distillates from the region stand out: a Güisqui (Mexican for whisky) made from ancestral corn and a prickly pear gin.

A little bewitched after drinking these desert alchemies, we will visit the “Mercado República”. Traditional markets are the most authentic cultural sample of a destination. The people, smells, colors, movement, chaos, noise, herbal medicine, handicrafts and the deepest-rooted traditions of the true inhabitants of this colonial city.

After touring its folkloric corridors, tasting the famous “enchiladas potosinas” and having the opportunity to buy a souvenir, our tour ends at the meeting point; same where we began our culinary adventure.


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